Why Do You Need a Pool Safety Cover?

Pool Safety Cover Marlboro NJ: There are many reasons, from protection of the contents of your pool in the offseason to fall prevention in kids, adults and pets. Any responsible pool owner knows the importance of installing a strong pool cover once the season is over. Here are some of the many benefits of pool safety covers.

Pool Protection

You likely spent a lot of money on your pool: why would you let it become unprotected over the offseason? On top of that, without a cover, you don’t want to make the opening process any harder on yourself come spring.

Next, pool safety covers block out sunlight, which can cause algae to proliferate. The right pool cover will block the light as well as organic debris that tends to accumulate over the months.

Water Savings

If you use a mesh safety cover on your pool, you will experience water savings come spring. At closing time in fall, the water level is lowered about a foot below the tile, which leaves room for it to fill up gradually from snowmelt and rain throughout winter. Because rainwater is pure and will dilute the level of dissolved solids in the pool water, this increases water condition. Plus, it saves you thousands of gallons of water every year because there is no need to add your own water in spring — it’s already topped off for you!


A pool safety cover made of strong materials, when properly installed, can prevent unnecessary drownings that often happen in the blink of an eye. According to the CDC, every day in this country, 10 people die from unintentional drowning, with two of those being children aged 14 or younger. Did you know that drowning ranks fifth in leading causes of unintentional injury death in the U.S.?

This is the main reason to install a pool cover: safety. Whether for your above ground or in-ground unit, you want to avoid accidental drowning at all costs, whether for your own family, visitors to your home, or strangers that may wander onto your property when you are not at home.

Energy-Saving Solution

Pool covers save energy because they reduce chemical consumption and conserve water. They also reduce cleaning time and maintenance requirements, keeping dirt and debris out of the pool.As you can see, there are several advantages associated with installing a pool safety cover on your New Jersey pool.

Contact Central Jersey Pools

Central Jersey Pools only install pool safety covers by trusted manufacturers. That’s why we use Loop Loc, manufactured with U.S.A.-made materials and components that meet and exceed industry standards. Featuring unparalleled thread and webbing strength, brass anchors, and stainless steel tension springs, Loop Loc pool safety covers are the best in the business. To learn more, contact us at 732-462-5005.