Tips for Hot Tub Removal

Tips for Hot Tub RemovalYou may have been putting off removing that old hot tub from your backyard or home because you can’t face the hassle of it all. But hiring professionals can take all the guesswork out of it – they can haul it away for you. It’s best you don’t do this yourself, as your hot tub contains a few hundred gallons of water, plus it has dangerous electrical hookups that can pose a hazard.

Planning to relocate your hot tub to your new home? You will have to take great care in moving it, which involves draining the water out of the unit, disassembling it properly, and avoiding damage to the mechanical parts, shell, or skirt. Planning to destroy the hot tub for disposal? It’s easier to break it down into parts and pieces. Still, if you will be installing a brand new spa, be careful not to damage the surrounding decking or foundation.

Check out these simple steps to removing a hot tub.

1.      Drain It

Switch off the power to the tub. Flip the circuit breaker to be extra cautious. Drain out the water by attaching a garden hose to the drainage spout in the bottom of the tub. To get rid of the last couple inches of water, use a wet/dry vacuum. The tub should be completely dry before  moving on.

2.      Gather the Supplies

Read the manual first before taking the hot tub apart. This will give you details on each step in the process.

Have these supplies handy:

  • Protective clothing
  • Safety goggles and work gloves
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Jigsaw

3.      Remove the Skirt

Hopefully, the exterior panels of the spa are simply made of tongue-and-groove construction. Just take them off, no need to use a saw.

4.      Disassemble the Tub

The shell usually comes in one piece peppered with a lot of stainless steel jets. Saw this shell into pieces, taking care not to hit the jets. Be mindful of the resulting dust and debris.

5.      Hire a Hot Tub Removal Professional

Whether you are getting rid of the hot tub intact or you have already broken it up into pieces, the actual removal should be handled by professionals who will come to your home for the job. It’s unlikely your city trash removal people will take it if you leave it at the curb. In fact, you could face fines if you do this.

The last step in the process is to clear a path so the hot tub removal technicians can easily get to the unit and take it to their trucks.

If you are ready to hire professionals to remove your hot tub from your home or yard, Got Trash NJ can do it quickly and hassle free. Just contact us today to schedule your appointment and get a free quote.