Tips For Cleaning Up After a Home Renovation

Home Renovation Cleanup: Renovating your home is exciting and rewarding. But while the end result may have you psyched, you may not be looking forward to removing all the leftover construction debris. With a plan and a professional in mind, the job can be done quickly and efficiently. To make your life easier, consider hiring professionals to haul away all the junk for you.

Cleaning Up Dust After the Renovation

Construction dust settles on everything, whether it’s dust from wood, drywall, tile, concrete or brick. Those fine particles get into every corner and even into your ventilation system. Before cleaning, wear a mask and goggles because it can be dangerous to breathe in the dust without protection.

Here are some cleaning supplies you should gather beforehand:

  • Face mask
  • Towels
  • Dust mops
  • Cleaning solution
  • Broom, dust mop and wet mop
  • Vacuum and extra filters

Heed these tips to get every nook and cranny:

  • Dust ceiling and fans: Remove dust from these two areas using the soft bristle brush attachment and hose on your vacuum.
  • Wipe down trim, baseboards, frames, and doors with a soft towel and dusting spray.
  • Clean the walls: Wipe them down with a damp towel, then let dry.
  • Sweep and vacuum: Use a dust mop on hardwoods and tile, then vacuum the carpeted areas.
  • Clean all cabinets inside and out: You won’t believe where all that dust can settle!
  • Clean appliances: Wipe down major appliances and change the air filter in your HVAC system.
  • Clean exterior lights
  • Scrub down countertops and backsplashes using a soft scrubber.
  • Sweep porches: Because there are so many people in and out of your home during the project, they track in dust and debris onto your porches and patios. You should take time to sweep these areas off.
  • Wash driveways and walkways: Utilize a pressure washer to clean these high-traffic areas.
  • Clean toilets and mirrors 

Of course, the ideal way to keep dust to a minimum during a renovation project is to cover all surfaces with tarps or plastic sheeting beforehand. This can’t always happen, so be very thorough in your cleaning for the health and safety of all occupants.

Hiring Professionals to Get Rid of Your Construction Debris

You can’t just leave all that leftover construction debris and materials lying around after your project. Don’t assume your contractor will take it away for you. Often times, it’s your responsibility to get rid of it.

Your first thought may be to rent a dumpster and just throw it all in, ridding yourself of all the piles of scrap wood, concrete, broken tools and drywall. But keep in mind, dumpster rentals get very costly very quickly. You may cough up a lot of money to have a dumpster in your yard even for a few days or a week. On top of that, it doesn’t look too good out on your front lawn.

There has to be a better way, and there is! Just hire a junk removal company to visit your home and haul it all away for you. Just tell them what has to go and they will bring it to their trucks without the need for you to drag it to the curb first. Now you don’t have to risk breaking your back throwing that heavy debris into a tall dumpster!

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