Smart Home Technology Includes Kitchens

Smart Home Technology Includes Kitchens – If you remember from last month, we explored the wonders of smart home technology for baby nurseries. This month, we’re going to go over how home automation can be used in kitchens as well. Read on to learn how to make your kitchen smarter!

  • Smart Ovens: Now you can control your stove and oven no matter where you are – you can even tell Alexa. Pre-heat the oven, look up recipes – heck, you don’t even have to press start. With smart ovens, you can get a diagnostics report and control the timer.
  • Smart Refrigerators: Be alerted to the frequency of access, when a door is left open, and which foods you’re running low on. Some models even have monitors that stream live TV. Some smart refrigerators send the information to an app that you can control, while others just display this information on the unit. These app-compatible refrigerators can run diagnostics and let you know if a problem has arisen.
  • Smart Dishwashers: Just like smart ovens and fridges, you can use the app to check the status of your wash, stop/start a load, and be notified when the load is done.
  • Smart Dishes: To better keep track of your diet, smart plates and forks can tell you your calorie intake.
  • Smart Laundry: Now you can start/stop/pause a load, check on status, get notifications on finished loads, and run diagnostics – all from your smart device.
  • Smart Slow Cookers: Who knew slow cookers could get any easier? Control your crockpot from your tablet or phone to change settings, check the temperature, and switch it on and off.
  • Smart Coffee Pot: Set timers to brew coffee at any time of day, all from your phone or tablet.
  • Dash Buttons: With these, you can automatically order household products from Amazon. Simply place these buttons on the item, such as laundry detergent, and when running low, press them.
  • Smart Trash Cans: These are touch-free, odor controlling garbage bins that have a barcode scanner. When throwing used products away, the trash can will scan it and add it to your grocery list.

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