Pressure Washing Your Concrete Pool Area: Top Tips

Pressure Washing Pool Area NJ: If you own a pool, you know how relaxing it is to sit under the sun and enjoy the sparkling clear water. But your enjoyment may be cut short if you have a concrete area surrounding your pool that is stained and dirty. Don’t assume a simple garden hose and some soap is enough to get the stains off. Neither is renting a pressure washer from the local hardware store. Professional pressure washing is the only way to truly remove all layers of dirt and grime.

Why Does My Pool Deck Need Cleaning?

Regular cleaning of pool decking will remove debris, bacteria, accumulated dirt, grime, mildew, sand, and pool chemicals. Not only are these buildups ugly, they can result in more serious problems such as the spread of infectious contagions, stains, concrete cracks, and chlorine corrosion.

Professional pressure washers bring special solutions, brushes, and equipment designed to clean concrete pool decks. Plus, they can clean your other exteriors, too, such as siding, fences, windows, and driveways.

What is the Frequency of Cleaning?

This will depend on how much use the area gets and where the pool is located. Pool deck cleanings should be part of routine maintenance – every two or three months — if you use the pool frequently throughout many months of the year. If you only use your pool sparingly in summer, one cleaning a year should suffice.

More frequent cleanings are necessary if your pool is:

  • In an area that experiences frequent storms, including snow storms.
  • Located under many trees.
  • Located near the coast or in a highly polluted area of the city.

Why Hire a Pro?

Doing a DIY pressure washing job can pose risks to the property and may even cause injuries. You should hire a pro because:

  • They can ensure no damage occurs to your pool deck: Too much pressure can lead to cracks, gouges, marks and scrapes, not to mention the possibility for stripped paint and sealants. It’s not as easy as you think to use a pressure washing wand. Plus, this job can be difficult, time consuming and tedious.
  • They can effectively remove grime and stains: Stubborn stuck-on residue will need special chemicals and brush treatments followed up by a high-quality pressure washer rinse. Professionals know exactly which solvents to use to remove certain stains.

Contact Clearview Washing

If you need a pro to clean your concrete pool deck in New Jersey, call the technicians at Clearview Washing for the best job possible. We’ll bring the right equipment and experience to ensure a safe, damage-free job. Call us at 732-462-1187 or get a free estimate online.

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