Construction Companies: 6 Web Design Tips

Construction Companies: 6 Web Design Tips – Your website is just one component of your digital marketing plan, but it’s a critical one. Despite which online marketing strategies you implement, the goal is to always be driving leads back to your site. First impressions are essential, and you can’t do it twice, so you need an exceptional web design as a jumping-off point.

Visitors aren’t going to be able to get the information they need from you if your site is old and outdated, or if it doesn’t function the way it should. Instead, they are looking to interact with sites that are responsive, modern, clean, and updated. You may be wondering: how can I create a website that works specifically for my construction company?

Read on for six web design tips to keep your audience engaged.

  1. Include Some Visual Elements

Visual elements can range from photos to videos to infographics. No one wants to read solid blocks of text! When designing your website, it’s important to include visual elements, which keep your audience engaged with your site.

  1. Make Sure Your Design Reflects Your Business

Selecting the right design is critical in attracting leads to your site and keeping them there. First, the right colors are a must so people can instantly recognize your brand. For example, blue is a very popular choice with construction companies because it’s a color schema that works with lots of images.

  1. Incorporate a Responsive Design

Your users could be logging on from many different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and cell phones. You will never know which. That’s why your site has to adapt to all these devices so your users have a great experience no matter what platform they’re on at the moment.

  1. Include Email Signups

Adding email sign-ups to your site helps you earn more leads and provides them with important information about your construction company. Add email sign up bars in places your leads are most likely to see them – usually the header or footer. You may also want to consider pop-up email sign up. In any case, makes sure your bar is simply designed and easy to sign up.

  1. Utilize Social Media Buttons

In order to be better able to engage with your users, use your website to connect your customers and potential customers to your social profiles. You should include social media buttons on your page — the footer is best. Use this opportunity to build a direct connection with leads that visit your site. This way, you can persuade them to convert.

  1. Use CTA Buttons

CTAs are Calls to Action. In essence, these buttons tell your visitors how to proceed. While they may be interested in what you’re offering, they may not know how to go about ordering your product or service. A CTA button will guide your leads to the next step. You never want to lose a lead because the next step was unclear or vague!

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