Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning: What are the Challenges?

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning: If your commercial building has solar panels on the roof, you probably know how great they are and the benefits they offer, like energy efficiency. But knowing how to properly clean them is another matter entirely. This job should always be done by professionals. This is because of the delicate nature of the panels and the expertise needed to wash them correctly.

Regular solar panel cleaning will ensure peak performance. Lots of things can block your panels from fully receiving the sun’s UV rays, from dirt and debris to sap and bird droppings. This greatly reduces how much energy your solar system can produce. Regular, professional cleaning is a fast and cost-effective method of restoring optimal performance of your solar panels.

Many challenges are associated with power washing commercial solar panels, which is why experts should be consulted.

Ideal Timing

You must consider the time of day when scheduling commercial solar panel cleaning. It’s best to book your service early in the day or in the evening when it’s cooler, to prevent any thermal stress that may be placed on the photovoltaic cells and protective glass. Any extra stress can damage the panels.

Also, when spraying cold water on hot panels, such as at the height of a hot summer day, micro fractures can result. If that weren’t enough, hot panels evaporate water quickly, often times before the water solution can properly dissolve and remove contaminants.

Pre-Cleaning Requirements

There are a few procedures that must be done first, before any actual cleaning can be done. Those procedures include:

  • Inspecting the panels to check for loose or broken wires, damaged panels, or malfunctioning equipment.
  • Making any necessary repairs.
  • Trimming back vegetation to prevent interference.

Proper Cleaning Solutions

Water alone won’t be effective as a cleaner for solar panels. Additives should be included to augment the water’s cleaning power. Professional pressure washers understand which cleaning solutions are best and which ones won’t shorten equipment life, damage the panels themselves or destroy plants and shrubs around the property. Low-toxicity, biodegradable products are necessary to work most effectively with deionized or pure water.

Additives must:

  • Be able to rinse off thoroughly, sans residue and spotting.
  • Be compatible with the solar panel films, aluminum rails, epoxy and racking.
  • Must be biodegradable, with no VOCs.
  • Be low or non-toxic for safety.
  • Be formulated to remove all contaminants, such as plant matter, dust, jet fuel residue, and sand.
  • Be approved by the solar panel manufacturer.

As noted, there are several challenges involved in commercial solar panel cleaning. Always leave this job up to the pros!

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