Basics of Smart Home Technology

If you’re not too familiar with smart home technology, today we will go over the basics. It’s no secret that smart home technology continues to grow and evolve at a fast rate — with no signs of slowing down. Even though smart home technology has been around for a few years, there’s still so much more on the horizon.

Check out the seven most commonly used smart home options available today:

  1. Smart TVs: With these, you can watch anything you want, whenever you want. When it comes to streaming TV, you have a myriad of options. Your smart TV can stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime right from the unit itself, or you can buy a system that pairs with your standard TV and smart speakers.
  2. Smart Speakers: With 39 million Americans having a smart speaker in their homes, they can control just about every part of their home just by using their voice. Smart speakers are capable of doing much more than playing music; they can also search the Internet, give you the day’s weather, debrief you on the latest news, work as your personal assistant, and more.
  3. Smart Thermostats: With these, you can monitor your HVAC system remotely and even create a schedule of use so you don’t waste energy.
  4. Smart Plugs: These items can convert an object into a smarter version of itself. Simply plug them into your regular outlets, then turn things on and off from your smart device.
  5. Robot Vacuums: You can control these from your smart devices, some of which come with their own artificial intelligence (AI) just like your smart speakers.
  6. Light Automation: You have two options: install smart light switches and control them by an app, or install smart bulbs that convert regular lights into smart ones.
  7. Video Door Bells: These can sense the presence of someone at your door and alert you with video footage. Intercom technology allows you to talk to the visitor, all from your smart phone.  

It’s easier than ever to make your home a smart home, thanks to so many options at your fingertips!

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